April 20, 2017

Camp Activities

So what sorts of things does one do at camp?

Here are some of them!

Every week of camp we have inflatables. Although it varies which ones we use on which days, there will be inflatables every week of camp. The inflatable maze is a great place to hide behind while playing capture the flag!






Every week campers get to do at least one craft. In addition, campers can choose to do a week long craft which is bigger and will take multiple days to do. 




At camp, we have a chapel time that is filled with activities, singing, stories, and discussion. We kick things off with the ball game though, as seen in this picture. It’s during this time we love to do skits and get the campers involved. The kids learn the songs quickly, and before long are so good at the words and actions, they can lead the songs themselves! The teaching is from the Bible, and it’s exciting to see how excited the kids get to learn. Finally, activities like Veggie Tales Dance Dance, Zonk, and the Room of Consequences give kids an interactive opportunity to review what they’ve learned. It is a great time!




Kids will have the opportunity to learn archery at camp. Although it takes some time to learn the basics, after a bit of practice, the campers can become very good at it. We’ve even seen a number of bulls-eyes!



For the campers who aren’t yet strong enough to do archery, these fun crossbows are available. They propel little suction cup darts that stick to the target. It’s great fun!






Doughnut on a string is a great way to start a Monday morning. Campers  aren’t allowed to use their hands, and are only allowed to use their mouths as they attempt to eat a large doughnut off a string. The doughnut bounces to and fro, and it’s harder than it looks to nab it and eat it! The first campers to complete the challenge get to go into our treasure chest and pick a prize. This is part of the Big Challenge that we do every day.




These pedal karts are SWEET. We have 6 of them that the kids get to race. There is a big loop around the church that forms a circuit for campers to ride through. The races are exciting and intense!






Fridays are our legendary water days! Giant obstacle courses, hundreds of flying soaked sponges, kiddy pools filled with water, and the slip n’slide! You’ll want to make sure to bring a towel and swimsuit for Friday, because you are guaranteed to get wet!




We like to make useful things at camp and put them to good use. Whether it’s a special protection system for an egg so it can survive the landing from a great height, or if it’s a marshmallow shooter!!





There are lots of outdoor sports that the campers get to do. Soccer is no doubt the most common! Soccer goes especially nice on our water days. When we start to sweat, and it’s easy to go dunk our heads in a kitty pool or take a run down the slip n’slide. We have our own soccer nets that have been built to provide an exciting experience on the field!



Dodge ball is an integral part of any camper experience! Our gym is well suited for the sport. Every Monday we set up tables and play one of our favourites, gaga ball. It’s a dodge ball played in a different style within a circle of tables.




These remote controlled cars are super fun, but they will not be available to the youngest campers as they aren’t the easiest things to drive.


Junior campers have special 2 wheel bicycles (with training wheels), a huge sandbox and toys to play with, at various times during the day.